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Czech aircrafts, ultralights, hot air balloons, rescue systems and inflatables

We are leaders on selling Czech aviation products on the Polish market

Our mission is to deliver extra safe and durable products for total customer satisfacton


LZ is a Polish company established and owned by Czech balloon pilot - Mr. Ladislav Zápařka.

Our goal is to promote and sell Czech aviation products in Poland. We started our business as an authorized reseller of Kubíček Balloons - one of the top hot air balloon producers in the World. At present we sell balloons, ultralight aircrafts, gliders, propellers, rescue systems and second-hand aircrafts. We offer training courses for an Ultralight Pilot Licence in the Czech Republic. LZ company is one of the largest distributors of the Czech aviation products in Poland. We are present on all major aviation fairs held in Poland.

Main offer

Lambada ultralight aircraft
Samba and Samba XXL ultralight aircraft
Eurostar EV97 ultralight aircraft
Fascination ultralight aircraft
Evolution ultralight aircraft
Hot air and special shape ballons
Cold air inflatables

Contact us

We are open to all kinds of cooperation with international companies.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email, phone or fax.

"L-Z" - mgr inż. Ladislav Zápařka
Tel. (+48 81) 75 15 708
Fax:(+48 81) 75 15 702
GSM: +48 604 946 395
email: lz@lz.pl

Yours sincerely,
Ing. Ladislav Zápařka




footer image left Przedsiębiorstwo "L-Z" mgr inż. Ladislav Zápařka • Kontakt: Tel. (+48 81) 75 15 708 • Fax: (+48 81) 75 15 702 • GSM: +48 604 946 395 • email: lz@lz.pl image footer right
L-Z, Świdnik - balony Kubicek na ogrzane powietrze, balony reklamowe, dmuchańce, balony stacjonarne. Bramy pneumatyczne, namioty reklamowe i ekrany reklamowe.
Lotnictwo Ultralekkie - mikroloty, samoloty ultralekkie, ULM, ULL, Samba, Lambada, Eurostar, SportStar.